Friday, April 29, 2011

Week of 4/23/11 to 4/29/11

I clocked 253 miles today to finish off the week with 780, in spite of all the rain we’ve been having. Sometime today the odometer turned to 93,000. Earlier this week I was in Pennsylvania and rode through the northern Poconos around the Elk Mountain Ski Area. Today I was in the northern Catskills. It started out to be a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky as I was heading out through Fahnestock State Park. The new leaves were breaking out of their buds and the whole area was a pale green from the young leaves, interspersed here and there with white blossoms of the dogwood trees. The pastures up in Columbia County were also deep green. I turned west near Claverack and crossed over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge to the west side of the Hudson. As I started to climb, things changed. The clouds moved in and the trees were less and less green as I climbed into the Catskills. By the time I passed the Point Lookout Restaurant coming into East Windham, I saw no green at all anymore and things turned bleak and chilly. Good thing I wore the heated jacket and gloves, so I threw the switch and stayed comfortable. I turned south in Windham on NY 296 and headed for Hunter Mountain, where I could see that many of the higher ski trails still had snow on them. I turned west at Hunter on NY 23A and headed out through Jewett Center to Lexington, and then south on NY 42 to Shandaken, where I felt a few drops of rain. I headed southeast on NY 28 and decided to take the Peekamoose Valley Rd. through the park, past Buttermilk Falls. It was my first time through there this year. Lots of sand on the road called for caution rather than letting it all hang out on the twisty mountain roads. I noticed that all five of the waterfalls were active on my way into Peekamoose, where I took Greenville Rd. from Sundown to Rte. 55A near the Rondout Reservoir Dam.  By that time I was just about busting a bladder so I headed for the McDonald’s in Ellenville where I also grabbed a late lunch before coming back over the Shawangunk Ridge toward the Bear Mountain Bridge and home.

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