Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend 4/30 & 5/1/2011

I rushed to get some chili cooked Saturday morning that would last for at least a few days and I was able to get out of the house by 9:00 AM. The hitch was that I had taken my diuretic that morning, thinking that I’d be tied up in the house all morning, so by the time I got a little more than an hour out, heading towards Vermont, I decided I’d better not, – my bladder just isn’t big enough!!  So I turned around and came back. I put on 110 miles and got in around 11:15. Since the chili was still warm, I had that for an early lunch with a salad and took off again. I figured the diuretic had done its duty by then.

I headed off the second time in a different direction, toward Callicoon, on the Delaware River about 2/3 of the way to Binghamton. But by the time I got up around Monticello, where I had to make a decision, I changed my mind and decided to ride some of the Old 17 along Beaver Creek and then take a ride up around the Pepacton Reservoir, near Downsville, NY. The reservoir holds back much of the headwaters of the East Branch of the Delaware River in the northwestern foothills of the Catskills. It’s a beautiful area with great “bike roads.” I got as far north as Margaretville and headed southeast past Big Indian and Phoenicia, and alongside the Esopus Creek to West Shokan. I took Acorn Hill Rd past Tetta’s General Store to reach Rte. 209 north of Kerhonkson and then went over the Shawangunk Ridge through Minnewaska Park using Rtes. 44 & 55 Altogether, including the morning’s ride, I clocked 347 miles for the day in a little over 7½ hours.

Sunday afternoon I took another very beautiful ride up into Columbia County and around Ancram and Ancramdale, before heading for Bash Bish Falls in the Berkshires and on to Great Barrington. When I got into Mass. I noticed that my reserve light for gasoline was flashing. I grabbed for my wallet pocket in my jacket to check and found no wallet! I checked my jeans pocket next and I wasn’t wearing any, - I was only wearing the riding suit bottoms. I hate having to humiliate myself to get gas by leaving something for security! What do I have for security? I checked the jacket pockets and found my cell phone that I never use. The battery is probably dead. Maybe I could offer that. I checked around for change and I only had about 67 cents. I stopped a bicyclist to ask for directions to the nearest gas station. The cyclist was a little old woman who looked like 80 years old and 80 pounds soaking wet in a skin-tight, one-piece bicycle suit, with helmet. I think I scared her – a grungie-looking old biker towering over her!  But she gave me directions and I found the gas station. I parked outside and started patting all of my pockets again, including the bottoms, for any miscellaneous thing I could offer as security; and as I patted one of the pockets of the bottoms there was something that felt like a big cell phone. I pulled it out and sure enough, I had totally forgotten that I “temporarily” stuck the wallet in that pocket so I wouldn’t forget to take it! ! I’m sure glad I went to church this morning! God has a sense of humor

I had a great ride back, I went down through Canaan, CT and then crossed over into NYS near Amenia, I found Amenia Union Rd and took all of the little twisty back roads home that run down along the NY/CT state lines, some of which were the “Old 22.” When I got below Pawling I took some other back roads past Whaley Lake and Pecksville and then home through Fahnestock Park and Rte. 9.

I clocked 210 miles for Sunday afternoon for a total of 557 for the weekend. Not a bad start for the new week. I see they’re calling for rain at least three of the days, so the head start should allow me to average at least 100 per day this week.

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