Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week of 06/12 to 06/18/11

The week is not over yet but here are a few rides I took so far:

Sunday afternoon, 6/12, I toured several of the scenic roads inside Harriman Park to check out the mountain laurel, which is in full bloom every year around this time, especially along Tiorati Brook Road, Lake Welch Parkway and Johnston Rd. From there I took County Rd. 106 and NY 17A west to NY 94 in Warwick, followed by County Roads 1A and 1 through the black dirt farm area of Pine Island and north to near Westtown. I rode county roads 12, 36 and 100 back to Goshen and took NY 207 to Newburgh before heading home, for a total of around 85 miles.

Thursday, 6/16, was an excellent day for riding so I got on the road a little after nine and headed generally northeast without a specific destination in mind. By the time I got up around Southeast and Putnam Lake, I decided to go into Connecticut and ride the southern Berkshires to Massachusetts. I began by heading into Sherman, CT, on CT 37 and then CT 39 to Gaylordsville, where I used a no-number road (S. Kent Rd.) past Hatch Pond and Leonard Pond to CT 341, followed by CT 45 through Warren to US 7 in Cornwall Bridge, and then east on CT 4, and north on several scenic state roads to Canaan, where I turned west into Millerton, NY for a pit stop and a quick lunch. 

After the stop I headed north via Columbia County Rtes. 62 and 63 to Boston Corner, and I took NY 22 to Copake Lake, where I headed due east into Massachusetts via NY 344, which goes past Copake Falls toward Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts. I took West St. north from the falls and back to the NYS line, where it becomes a narrow seasonal road called Sunset Rock Road, a very steep downhill grade on loose gravel for almost two miles. I noticed when I was about halfway down that my gas reserve light was flashing and I wasn’t sure how long it had been on. The gas odometer said I already had 315 miles on that tank-full. The dire consequences of running out of gas on a seasonal road flashed through my mind. I couldn’t expect anyone through that way until probably the weekend. But I was able to make it out to NY 22 and a gas station in Hillsdale with about a quart to spare. The price was about 30 cents cheaper than Westchester County.

After filling the tank, I headed southwest on Columbia Cty Rd. 7 diagonally across the county through Ancram to Jackson Corner, west of the Taconic Parkway. From there I used County Roads 51 and 15 and Centre Rd. through Schultzville to Salt Point, where the traffic begins to build. I hadn’t been through that area for at least four or five years. I decided to take Hibernia Rd. from Salt Point to the southbound lanes of the Taconic Parkway and I came home through Fahnestock Park, where the mountain laurel is also still in full bloom. I clocked 215 miles for the day and had a really great ride.

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