Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week of June 26 to July 2, 2011

I’ve clocked about 1200 miles so far this week and I still have a few days to go. I figured if I have to go for another spinal operation, which seems likely at this point, I’d probably be restricted from the bike for another couple of weeks, - so I might as well get the riding in while I can. The odometer is very close to turning all six wheels to 100,000. There aren’t too many 650cc bikes out there with more miles than that, and I’ve never done much to it except tires, chains, sprockets and brake pads. I can still do all of those chores myself. The bike runs like it did the day I got it. I wish my old body stood up as well. We’ll have to see in a couple of days what the surgeon says about the need to cut again. I don’t mind the knife as much as I do the anesthesia, which usually sets me back a little; - like last month it took only a few days to recover from the cut and stitch, but two weeks to recover from the anesthesia.

Yesterday I went up into the Berkshires. One of several little towns I rode through was Stockbridge, the home of Alice’s Restaurant, a place that Arlo Guthrie used to sing about. It was a beautiful day and I had a great ride of about 280 miles. Today I was in Dutchess County in the morning and west of the Hudson this afternoon, where I rode on several two-lane roads in western Orange County, a few of which were new to me. I clocked about 225 miles total for the day, which included a piece of old Rte. 6 between Middletown and Port Jervis that I hadn’t been on in many years. I almost forgot it was there. The weather was perfect with temperatures in the high 70s and very low humidity. The sky was beautiful with lots of white fluffy fair-weather clouds around and otherwise bright blue. The miles don’t come nearly as easy as they did a few years ago, and I often have to push myself to get out in the morning and get on the bike; but that only increases the value of every mile.

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