Sunday, July 10, 2011

I finished up last week with a total of 1681 miles for the week, which gave me a daily average of 240. I saw the spinal specialist on Tuesday of this week and he took several X-rays to confirm an earlier diagnosis, which is that the radiologist “over-read” the MRI and that an operation is not necessary. He said physical therapy MIGHT help and he would prescribe it if it bothers me. I said the thing that bothers me most is my lower back and legs, and that I’d like for him to focus on that area, which would raise my quality of life considerably. I told him that my primary internist and the pain management specialist have said that there’s nothing they can do, and I mentioned that I had injections in both SI joints 4 months ago with no improvement. He said there wasn’t anything he could do for that either except possibly PT, although at best, it might give me minimal relief. He then asked if I was still riding the motorcycle. I told him how many miles I put on last week, which brought a big smile to his face and he said, “Then keep doing it, which is better than anything I or anyone else can do for you at this point!” I asked, to be sure, “You mean that the best treatment for my pain at this point is to keep doing what I’m doing?” and the answer was, “Yes. Keep doing it.” So we shook hands and exchanged big smiles and I was out of there! It was very good news to me that I didn’t need another operation, so the first thing I did was to take a ride, which put the total mileage on my bike over 100,000. I got the bike 3½ years ago. This week I clocked a total of 1470 miles for a daily average of 210 miles. I suppose now that I know it’s the best thing for me, I’ll be spending more time doing it! If you look closely on the photo, you’ll see the odometer mileage of 100,001.

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