Saturday, March 10, 2012

I’ve finally finished my book and sent it to the printer. I expect a proof copy back by the time I return from Daytona Bike Week in about ten days, and then it’ll take at least another three weeks to get delivery of the first printing. The name of the book is “KEEP GOING! The Pleasure and Pain of Perseverance.” The book has 288 pages and includes several new and old photos. It begins with a journal of my eighth trip to Alaska at age 79, riding a BMW 650cc Dakar dual sport motorcycle – basically a dirt bike where I survived a high-speed collision with a Stone’s sheep on the Alaska Highway. Jim Hoellerich took that trip with me. The following year I was incapacitated by a combination of Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis that attacked my central nervous system and more than doubled the physical maladies and pain that I have been coping with. The book contains journals of long trips I took after that time as an octogenarian, exemplifying my determination to continue riding for as long as I’m able. The price of the book has been set to $20 US, plus shipping. The shipping charge will be determined when I am able to weigh the final package and determine what type of mailing will be used. Until I set up resellers and get my books to them, I will be the only source. Stay tuned.

I’ve been in physical therapy for the past seven weeks to improve my ability to continue riding long distances, and it’s been helping with my pain and agility. I’ll be leaving for Daytona Bike Week on Monday, March 12 in the car, without a bike for the first time in about 50 years, but I expect to be back on the bike soon. I managed to eke out a little more than 16,000 miles with the bike last year, most of it between June and late October, when we had one of the only major snowstorms of the winter.

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