Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6, 2012

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny October day in the Hudson Valley with the temperature reaching 80° and the fall foliage north of here in full color. I had recently changed both tires and the oil on my 650 Suzuki VStrom, so I suited-up and headed north. I took a 5-hour, 215-mile ride on two-lane country roads that went through northern Dutchess, Columbia and Rensselaer Counties and over into the southern Berkshires of Massachusetts and Connecticut. My 87 years are catching up with me though, as I was pretty-well beat when I got in. The speedometer on the little bike just turned 113,000 while on the ride, six thousand of which was from this year. I’ve had several 700-mile weeks this year and a few 200-mile days, but it’s a far cry from the annual average that I was able to maintain for so many years. I’m happy with it though, and I thank God for every mile.

I recently revised the index in the right-hand column of this website under the title "Labels" to make it easier to find the many photos I have posted from specific trips and other posts that I've made like excerpts from my books.

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