Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photos - Labrador trip

In 1997, Jake Herzog and I rode to Goose Bay, Labrador through northern Quebec by way of the newly-opened Trans-Labrador Highway. Jake rode his Kawasaki 650cc KLR and I rode a small Yamaha 225cc Serow from my home in the lower Hudson Valley in New York. Much of the final 180-mile stretch of road into Goose Bay was described as pit-run gravel, although it wasn't quite that bad. When we returned, I wrote an article for the American Motorcyclist magazine that appeared in their May 1998 issue. For my efforts, I was later awarded the Joe Christian Award for outstanding freelance writing, which was a $500 cash award. A longer, unedited version of the story appears in my book, Motorcycling Stories – Adventure Touring from the Northwest Territories to the Yucatan Peninsula. I broke my camera on a mishap during the trip so the photos below were taken by Jake with his camera.

Leaving Jake's in Slingerlands, NY

An 18-wheeler that slid off the road and overturned.


Refueling with spare gas that I was carrying.

The motel at Happy Valley

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