Friday, October 17, 2014

My New Book

The name of my new book is “The Way of a Carefree Country Boy.” I was born and raised on a small farm that my family owned and operated in the lower Hudson Valley of New York. The book is about some of the experiences I remember. It’s much like an autobiography that I wrote for the purpose of leaving something for my future generations to let them know what I did with my life while I was still kickin’. Too much is often lost between generations and I was determined not to let it happen here. I wrote about my boyhood, my Navy experiences during WWII and about several years of menial jobs while coming of age in the post-war years with my motorcycle. I served two years in the Air Force after that and 25 years with IBM where I started as a computer technician and held many management and staff positions in Manufacturing before I took early retirement in 1980. I also wrote about my mother’s seven years in an orphanage in Holland and about my being the primary care-giver for my wife Lillian during the last 4½ months of her battle with breast cancer. I included a selection of favorite family photos and a synopsis of my 67 years of motorcycling, which includes my enduro competition and more than a million miles of adventure touring – 220,000 of which was after my 80th birthday. There are about 90 photos in the 224-page book. I sent the manuscript to my printer on October 15, 2014 and I hope to see it in print soon. I’ll post an icon with a link for it in the right-hand column of this blog after it’s been printed and it’s ready for sale.


  1. Just ordered your newest book. Enjoyed all your prior publications and I expect I'll like this one as well especially since we share many similarities in our background and interests (Dutches county, IBM, motorcycles etc)

  2. Thanks! In this book I devoted a chapter to my IBM experience with a few of the highlights of my 25 years with the company.

  3. Hi Piet! Can't wait to read your latest book. I've read 'Motorcycling Stories' 4 times.