Thursday, July 6, 2017

Photos - AK5 - The Canol Rd

     The primary motivation of my 5th trip to Alaska, just a year after returning from the 4th, was to take a long solo ride on several remote gravel roads in the Yukon and Northwest Territories that I had never seen; but mainly the North and South Canol Roads in the Yukon. In spite of the Alaska Highway being paved for its entire length for its 50th anniversary, I rode on more than 2,000 miles of gravel roads during this trip with the same 1987 4-cylinder Gold Wing I rode on the 1991 trip with the group. I was most interested in beautiful places where few people have ever traveled. The Dempster Highway and the Prudhoe Bay Haul Road had already lost much of their luster for me because so many have already been there.
   Several of the photos appear in another posting, "10 AK5 - The Canol Rd", but I took more than 80 photos, which are all shown below:

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