Thursday, July 6, 2017

Photos - AK5 - The Canol Rd

     The primary motivation for my 5th trip to Alaska, a year after returning from my 4th, was to take a long solo ride on several remote gravel roads in the Yukon and Northwest Territories that I had never seen, which were mainly the North and South Canol Roads in the Yukon Territory over a totally different route. In spite of the Alaska Highway being paved for its entire length for its 50th anniversary, I rode on more than 2,000 miles of gravel roads on this trip with the same 1987 4-cylinder Goldwing I rode on the 1991 trip with four of my friends. I was most interested this time in visiting other beautiful places where few people have ever traveled. The Dempster Highway and the Prudhoe Bay Haul Road had already lost much of their charm for me because so many have already "been there and done that".
   Several of the photos that appear here also appear in another posting, "10 AK5 - The Canol Rd", which is a more thorough "ride report", however this posting is a more thorough display of all the photos I took on the trip:

North Dakota
Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada
Entering the Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories
MacKenzie Territory, NWT
Along the Liard Trail, NWT
Alaska Highway, north of Ft. Nelson, BC
Along the Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia
Cabin at Mukluk Annie's Salmon Bake, Teslin, BC
A group I met at Mukluk Annie's
Along South Canol Rd., in the Yukon Territory
Ross River cable ferry operated between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM
It broke down soon after it took me across northbound.
Along the North Canol Road, Yukon Territory
I turned around here due to many rocks in the river - and I was alone.
The foot bridge I used after learning the ferry had broke down.
The foot bridge would sway in the wind
Dawson City, YT at the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike rivers. Taken from the "Dome".
Exploring a side road from the Top of the World Road
Crossing an abandoned bridge

More exploring
Road to Eagle, Alaska
Sign says "Lowest Gas Price in Eagle" - along Yukon River
Eagle, AK
Along the Richardson Highway from Glennallen to Valdez
Richardson Highway
Gas, food and lodging stop along the Alaska Highway
Truck overturned along the Alaska Highway

Waiting for the cruise ship at Haines, AK for a short trip to Skagway, AK
Approaching Skagway
Along the Tagish Highway, Alaska

My grandchildren in Anchorage, Asia and Robyn

Two eagles at a small park in Anchorage

Construction along the Cassiar Highway, BC

Telegraph Creek Road

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