Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photos from Alaska 7

I took very few photos during the trip but what I did take are below:

The next two photos were taken around Steamboat in the eastern foothills

Around Pink Mountain the scenery begins to get spectacular.

Lake Kluane Provincial Park in the Yukon

This fella on a new Harley stayed with me for a few hours on the Alaska Hwy

One-room cabin at Mukluk Annie's - one of my favorite stops because of their famous "salmon-bake" restaurant and buffet. The toilet, sink and bed in the tiny cabin are all in the same open-landscape area. See second photo below.

Western Yukon

Signpost Park in Watson Lake, YT. I ate a granola bar here for lunch.

Near Haines Junction where I stopped for gas and coffee.

High school graduation ceremony

Proud Mom (my daughter Donna) and my grandson Robyn

Donna, Robyn and Asia (my oldest of 10 grandchildren)

A quick tire change at Phil Bourdon's farm in Augusta, Wisconsin

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