Monday, October 1, 2012

Photos from Back Roads, USA - Part 2 of 3

This post is a continuation of my previous post, "Photos from Back Roads, USA Part 1." It is the second of three sets of photos that I took on that trip. A brief description of the trip and the first set of photos can be found on "Photos from Back Roads Part 1". All photos are in chronological order. This part begins in northern California on the day that we met my wife Lillian at the San Francisco Airport and it includes all of the photos I took until seeing her off at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix several days later. The detailed story of the trip appears in my book, “Motorcycling Stories – Adventure Touring from the Northwest Territories to the Yucatan Peninsula,” along with 12 other stories of trips That I took between 1977 and 2001.

Ponderosa Pines in northern California

Cluster of Douglas firs - imagine the root system.

Entering Lassen Volcanic National Park

Several scenes follow of Lassen Volcanic National Park

Rebuilding the road edge.

There were many steam pots and bubbling mud pots

Scene along CA Rte 49, northern California

American River, Auburn, CA

 Sutters Mill

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Lillian's plane arrives, San Francisco Airport

A few shots with the giant redwoods

Strawberry pickers near Santa Cruz

Some scenes along CA Hwy 1, the Coastal Highway

Several scenes taken inside Yosemite National Park

El Capitan

Scenes from June Lake Loop, eastern Sierra

Entering Bodie, CA - famous ghost town

Several scenes from ghost town - Bodie, CA

Leaving Bodie, CA

Partial ghost town of Belmont, Nevada

Gravel road to Manhattan, NV

Gold mine, Manhattan, Nevada

Abandoned church, Manhattan, NV

We never did find Hannapah, a ghost silver-mining town

Goldfield, Nevada - Partial ghost town

Rachel, NV - 90 miles to next gas 

A Joshua tree in southwest Nevada

Entering Snow Canyon State Park, St. George, Utah

Near Zion National Park, Utah

Scenes from Zion National Park, Utah

Several scenes from Bryce Canyon National Park

Forest fire east of Panguich, Utah

 9,000 foot level near Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah - at the 10,000 foot level

Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, Arizona

Native American Crafts for sale - Oak Canyon, Arizona

Near Sedona, Arizona

Cotton field west of Phoenix

Seguaro cactus in southern Arizona

The rest of the photos from this trip are posted on:
"Photos from Back Roads, USA - Part 3 of 3"

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