Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photos from Back Roads, USA – Part 3 of 3

This post is a continuation of Photos from Back Roads, USA Part 2. It is the third and last of three sets of photos from that trip. A brief description of the trip can be found in Photos from Back Roads, USA Part 1. The detailed story appears in my book entitled,  Motorcycling Stories – Adventure Touring from the Northwest Territories to the Yucatan Peninsula, along with 12 other trips that I took between 1977 and 2001. All photos shown in these postings are in chronological order. Photos from this part of the Back Roads, USA trip begin in southern Arizona the day after my wife Lillian left for home from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and includes all of the photos that I took between then and the time I got home several days later.

Tucson, AZ area

West of Tucson, Arizona

Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona (at top of mountain)

Near Tombstone, Arizona

Century Plant
Lavender Copper Mine (abandoned), near Bisbee, Arizona

Copper extraction plant, Douglas, Arizona

Morenci open pit copper mine near Clifton, Arizona

Morenci mine

US Rte 666 (now called US 191), Gila National Forest, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Petrified Forest

Painted Desert, Arizona

Canyon de Chelly National Park, Arizona

Cliff dwelling at Canyon de Chelly

Monument Valley, Utah

At Navajo Tribal Park in Monument Valley

Mexican Hat, Utah
Mexican Hat Navajo Reservation, Utah

Near Bluff, Utah
Oil pump near Bluff, Utah

Ute Indian Reservation, southwest Utah

Mesa Verde National Park, southwest Colorado

Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

US Rte 550, north of Durango, Colorado

Near Silverton, CO

Abandoned gold mines near Red Mountain along Rte 550

Ghost town near Independence Pass, Colorado

Independence Pass, Colorado, elevation 12,095 ft

Near Independence Pass at 10,000 ft level

Near Leadville, Colorado - 9,000 ft level

North of Leadville

Road to Guanella Pass (all gravel)

Guanella Pass at 11,669 ft

Pikes Peak summit at 14,110 ft.

Pikes Peak access road (gravel at the higher levels)

Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge from foot of gorge. See the cable car?

Railroad at foot of gorge. See the wooden water pipe?

View of bridge from cable car.

Scenic train ride at the foot of the gorge

Better view of wooden water pipe

Rio Grande River near Taos, New Mexico

Northern New Mexico

Near Fort Davis in southwest Texas

Big Bend National Park, Texas - several scenes of Big Bend follow

Santa Elena Canyon, Rio Grande Valley, Big Bend National Park

Along Rio Grande on Farm-to-Market Road 170

Abandoned farm along the Rio Grande
Delaware Basin oil field in Texas

Abandoned dirt farm, Oklahoma

Along Talimena Skyline Drive (in fog), eastern Oklahoma

Dorena Ferry across the Mississippi River

Arriving on Dorena, Missouri side of river

Not much of a town at the west side of the river

Leaving the west side

The east shore landing, coming up

Landed at Hickman, Kentucky, and no one is waiting.

Tobacco farm in Tennessee
County Road 700, Benhams, Virginia

Virginia Rte 42, near Bradford

The House Restaurant, Bland, Virginia (was a favorite stop)

County Rd 730 near Eggleston, Virginia

VA Rte 42 near Newport, Virginia

Sinking Creek, Virginia

Farm in West Virginia

Grand Cacapon Valley, Potomac River, West Virginia

South central Pennsylvania

East of the Bear Mountain Bridge, New York, 6 miles from home.

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